Participation rules

To participate to our experiment you must fill the registration form in the section REGISTRATION and you must agree with our privacy rules.
By registering, your data enter in the database oF LEMME and we will use these data to invite you in later experiments.

Once you have signed up, all communications related to the experiments will be sent to the e-mail you indicate in the form. Therefore, please, pay special attention to the inclusion of personal data, in particular the e-mail address, and verify that the email from our system will not be deleted by the spam filter.

If our random selection pick out your name, you will receive an invitation mail and, if you are interested, you could only click on the link in the mail and go on to the enrollment.

In some experiments, it is essential to have a certain number of participants. To protect ourselves from any unforeseen, usually we invite for each session more people than the necessary. All the participants who show-up in the lab will receive a fee of 3.. Than they participate to the game and they will paid by cash at the end of the experiment.

All those present which are enrolled and that, for technical reasons or capacity of the laboratory, will not be able to participate receive only the show-up fee.

Once you register, you accept the follow rule:

I was informed that once confirmed participation at some experiment on the calendar I MUST show-up in the lab at the set time. Any absences may result in the annulment of the experiment. In the event that I can not attend must notify the experimenters at least 24 hours before the experiment.